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We are a small studio specializing in design and development. We think and talk and make it happen.


Back to Moving Backgrounds after a long delay!

It is good to be back!


With all the small hand-held displays these days one can forget the pleasures of a 27" monitor.

- just a thought


Moving Backgrounds is Successfully launched. We hope you enjoy it.

- the moving backgrounds team

And this is all we have so far. More posts coming soon.

Our Offer

Weather working from concept to publishing, or stepping in to resolve “that small bug,” we approach all our projects with dedication and responsibility. We work in an Agile environment and provide both clear estimation and frequent updates through every stage of the project. Here is what you can expect us to do:

  1. Concept & Planning

    Concept Building in collaboration with the client.
    Project estimate, planning and timeframe.
    Creativity and inspiration.

  2. Prototyping

    A multiple stage process of digging deeper into the project.

    1. UX and Visualization Design

      Developing of visual design and static web prototypes.
      Focus on stylistic and interactive solutions.

    2. Functionality Intergation

      Developing of a working prototype.

    3. Prototype Finalizing

      Completing the final prototype and presenting a full view of the product - product is ready for QA testing.

  3. Testing & Optimization

    A comprehensive QA testing and troubleshooting.

  4. Publishing and SEO

    1. Going Live

      Providing assistance, with domain registration, hosting and setup.

    2. SEO

      Providing different options for Search Engine Optimization and online promotion.


Who We Are

Moving Backgrounds was established by two former co-workers, who discovered that they work well together. They wanted to continue this collaboration with the belief that they can offer some good product to the world out there. They also both happened to have twins the same age so whenever they do not talk about work they exchange tips on child wrangling.

Anton Naydenov

Back-End and Front-End Development

One of the most experienced developers you will meet Anton, or Toni as everybody calls him is a co-worker favorite not only for his positive character but also for the ease with which he solves problems that the team has been sweating on for days. He has years of experience working on large systems but he is always ready to take on small independent projects.

Peter Mintchev

Design and Front-End Development

Peter started out as a contemporary artist shifting between trying to engage a demanding audience from the walls of the gallery space and teaching university students to control meaning through visual forms. With one leg already in the world of design, he made the full transition and now he enjoys creating elegant solutions for communication and interaction. He has been a lead designer for a number years working on a large number of applications and marketing projects.


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